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Community Survey Documents Satisfaction

Results of a 2015 Plainview Community Survey show that the majority of respondents are “extremely satisfied” or “moderately satisfied” with living in Plainview.

“The survey was designed to measure satisfaction with key city services and major aspects of life in Plainview,” said Sally Harrington, local community volunteer who has been active in an ad hoc “visioning” process that is ongoing.  Goals of the process are to find ways to have input into the city’s decision-making about city services and initiatives.

The survey was online and available as a hard copy in summer 2015.  A total of 178 people responded.

According to the survey, 82% of all respondents are homeowners and just about half are 35 to 54 years of age.  Harrington said that these numbers indicates that people who filled out the survey probably have families with children.  They also have a vested interest in the future of their community.

Major findings from the survey are as follows:

  • 74% of all respondents are satisfied with living in Plainview. (22% are extremely satisfied while 52% are moderately satisfied)
  • 83% have a strong sense of community (14% – extremely strong; 38% – quite strong; and 31%  moderately strong)
  • 82% are homeowners
  • 80% say they feel safe (30% – extremely safe and 50%  quite safe)
  • 73% feel police are respond quickly when needed (26% – extremely responsive and 47% quite responsive)
  • 67% say the streets are clean (10% – extremely clean and 57% – quite clean)
  • 61% are satisfied with city parks (12% – extremely satisfied and 49% – moderately satisfied)
  • 57% say they are proud of Plainview (15% – extremely proud and 43% – quite proud)
  • 52% use the parks (18% – quite often and 34% – moderately often)
  • 48% of the respondents are 35-54 years of age, while another 15% are 55 to 64 years of age. (63% of all respondents were 35 to 64 years old)


The survey is being used to guide marketing efforts, Jordan said. For example, “Small  town,” “school,” and “friendly community and people” were the most frequent answers to the question “What do you like about Plainview?”.  Jordan went on to say that the value of the visioning effort is that the process provides a forum for community members to share their viewpoint.

“Other cities are marketing their housing options, school systems and business potential.  If everyone is marketing about the same thing,” she said, “What does Plainview have—or have to do—  to stand out?  Answers to that question can come out of this visioning process!”

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