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Come learn why this small city is one of southeastern Minnesota's best kept secrets! Now offering City of Plainview Economic Development loans for commercial, residential and development projects. Call (507) 421-6564 for more information.

Economic Development

The City of Plainview supports economic growth through the services of the Plainview Economic Development Authority (EDA).  The EDA was established in 1989 with the broad charge of coordinating the delivery of services to Plainview area businesses and stimulating planned growth.

Economic development benefits:

►   Taxpayers because a larger tax base helps to keep property taxes affordable.  When orderly, planned development results in new businesses and residents locating in Plainview, more pay less for the same or improved city services.

Businesses because a larger, more diverse customer base means more sales of goods and services.  The Plainview EDA offers businesses low-interest loans through its Next Generation Revolving Loan Fund, and coordinates loans available through the City of Plainview’s Economic Development loans available to business and home owners, and developers.  Other economic development tools include Tax Increment Financing (TIF).  A new TIF district that includes main street and parcels adjacent to Highway 42 was put in place in 2016 as a financing tool for start-up and expanding businesses.

Parents because increases in enrollment increase state aid to the school district.  When students receive quality education in a district that maintains smaller classroom size, the likelihood that each child will receive individualized instruction increases.

Retirees because the “small town” quality of life they value remains stable and cost-of-living increases are less dramatic than in larger communities.