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March 8th Energy Fair features free RETAP services

The first step in considering a clean energy project is an energy audit!  Information from members of the Minnesota RETAP staff can help your decide your next steps.

RETAP─Minnesota Retiree Environmental Technical Assistance Program (RETAP)─ draws on the skills of retired engineers, scientists, managers, planners, and other professionals who have experience in numerous fields ranging from lighting to HVAC, and engineering to storm water management.

RETAP staff provide facility assessments and community sustainability assistance to small businesses, institutions, and communities in Minnesota.

RETAP facility assessments are no-cost, non-regulatory energy efficiency and waste reduction audits, which are available to Minnesota’s small businesses and public and private institutions. These assessments include an on-site visit to the facility from a team of RETAP members.  Their goals are to increase the operation’s energy efficiency and water conservation, and to reduce waste and lower operating costs.

After visiting the facility and analyzing its utility bills, the RETAP team will give the owner a written report that outlines high priority changes and provides estimated financial and environmental savings.

RETAP clients are under no obligation to implement the recommendations, but a high percentage of surveyed clients do make changes.  Average savings from RETAP recommendations implemented in 2012 was over $2,000 per client.

Another free service RETAP provides is community sustainability assistance.  Through RETAP, Minnesota cities and counties can receive recommendations on how to become more sustainable and how to reduce their “carbon footprints”─the amount of greenhouse gases released into the environment.  Skilled consultants will work on either long- or short-term assignments that are cooperatively defined by the client, which typically is the city or county government.

Follow this link for more information about RETAP.  To request a free assessment, contact Mike Vennewitz, RETAP Coordinator, at 612-781-1307.

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