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Plainview Business Center

The Plainview Business Center offers over 7,000 sq. ft. of retail and professional space to start-up and existing businesses.   The Center, which is located at 445 West Broadway, is the home of the Plainview Business Incubator.  The Incubator supports businesses that complement or add to Plainview’s downtown business community in the areas of retail and professional services and light manufacturing.

Plainview Business Center Availability & Pricing

Center Directory

Hiawatha Broadband Communications, 445 West Broadway, Suite 2, Plainview, MN  (507) 710-4000

Neitz Eversman Tax & Accounting Professionals, 445 West Broadway, Suite 1, Plainview, MN  (507) 534-9200

Plainview Economic Development Authority, 445 West Broadway, Suite 4, Plainview, MN  (507) 421-6564

Minnesota FFA Foundation, 445 West Broadway, Suite 5, Plainview, MN  55964

Elite Tile, Tops & Flooring, LLC, 445 West Broadway – Suite 14, Plainview, MN / Tim Rahman – 507-251-1468 or Kevin Kreofsky – 507-273-9789

The Woods—Fine Amish Furniture, 435 West Broadway, Plainview, MN  (507) 710-4110

Weber & Judd – Now open in the Plainview Business Center

Plainview Business Incubator

Plainview Business Incubator Application

The Plainview Business Incubator is a USDA -grant funded initiative designed to accelerate the growth and success of start-up and expanding businesses in Plainview.  Business incubator clients receive a customized package of support resources that include physical space, coaching, common services, and discounted ISP and telephone services.   Other support services are tailored to individual business needs.

The goals of the Plainview Business Incubator are to help start-up business become financially stable, and to help expanding businesses create more jobs.

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